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Live the Salty Life!


Our first vessel 'The Black Pearl' has arrived and will be ready for you to cruise the pristine waters 1770 from the 11th of December 2021

Discover the sandy bays of the 1770 inlet in ease on board our luxury pontoon boat. Connect with family and friends having fun on the water. Drive yourself or skippered. Let us do the catering for you or bring your own. Have a day with us living the Salty Life!





BBQ packs for 5  –  Sausages, steaks and chicken breast portions, coleslaw and potato salad and fresh bakery rolls. $70

Cold chicken and salad platter – 2 large BBQ chickens portioned into 8 pieces, 3 small salads, layered on a bed of lettuce and cherry tomato’s and one pack of 10 wraps. $90

Seafood platter for 5 – 1 kg of King prawns, 5 Morton Bay bugs split in half, 1 dozen oysters, 1 x sand crab, tartare and seafood sauce. $130

Continental Selection Platter – 900 grams of selected deli meats, olive’s, semi dried tomato’s, dip, cheese cubes and crackers. $85

Cheese and Crackers – A selection of delicious Australian cheese, nuts, fruit and crackers . $90

Trays, plates, cutlery and serviettes included with all food orders



Fishing gear – Up to 4 rods, tackle box and 2 x bait prawns  $50.

2 Hourly hire – if times slots are available $250

Skipper Available – $60 per hour (Max 9 persons + skipper)

Add an hour – $50

Ice box – includes 2 bags of Ice $25

Children’s life jackets – 3 sizes $5

Shuttle Bus – Agnes Water – 1770 Return $100

Hire rates

$ 600 Full Day 8am - 4pm or 9am - 5pm (summer)
  • $350 Half Day 8am - 12pm or 1pm - 5pm
  • $250 Two hours (if avalable)
  • $60 per hour Skipper